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Linux stuff ...

Fof home

The Fof Filemanager Home Page

Fof is a full-featured Unix/X-Window filemanager. This tool is a part of the eXode project.

eXdbm home

The eXode registration library Home Page

libeXode is the main library of the eXode desktop, concerning the interclient communication.

eXdbm home

The eXode database manager Home Page

eXdbm is an ANSI-C based small database library. It's used in the eXode desktop as the main configuration library.

Dos stuff ...

Break Machine home page

Break Machine Home Page

A popular Ar?noid clone. BM runs under Dos, Window$ 95, OS/2 and probably Dosemu (under Linux). It's now freeware and can be downloaded from here

Misc stuff ...

Pov Gallery

My own Persistence Of Vision Gallery

A selection of images I've created for a serie of articles I wrote about POV.

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