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    pop2imap - POP to IMAP sync or copy tool. Synchronize mailboxes between
    a pop and an imap servers.

    $Revision: 1.32 $

     Get pop2imap at
     tar xzvf  pop2imap-x.xx.tgz  # x.xx is the version number
     Read the INSTALL file.
     freshmeat record:

     pop2imap [options]

     pop2imap --help

     pop2imap [--host1 server1]  [--port1 <num>]
              [--user1 <string>] [--passfile1 <string>]
              [--host2 server2]  [--port2 <num>] [--ssl2|--tls2]
              [--user2 <string>] [--passfile2 <string>]
              [--from <string>]  [--to <string>]
              [--timeout2 <int>]
              [--folder <string>]
              [--debug] [--debugimap] [--debugpop] 
              [--version] [--help]

    The command pop2imap is a tool allowing incremental transfer from one
    POP3 mailbox to an IMAP one.

    We sometimes need to transfer mailboxes from one POP3 server an IMAP
    server. This is called migration.

    pop2imap is the adequate tool because it reduces the amount of data
    transfered by not transferring a given message if it is already on both
    sides. You can stop the transfer at any time and restart it later,
    pop2imap is adapted to a bad connection.

    You can decide to delete the messages from the source mailbox after a
    successful transfer (it is a good feature when migrating). In that case,
    use the --delete option.

    You can also just synchronize a mailbox A from another mailbox B in case
    you just want to keep a "live" copy of B in A.

    Invoke: pop2imap --help

    Gilles LAMIRAL

    pop2imap is free, gratis, open, public software cover by the NOLIMIT
    licence. "No limits to do anything with this work and this license."

    No known bug. Report any bugs to the author:

    None known. Feedback will be welcome.

    $Id: pop2imap,v 1.32 2020/12/24 18:29:21 gilles Exp gilles $